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2009.11.09 – Northern Peru


2009.11.09 – Huanchaco, Peru

We were in Huanchaco which meant we were obligated to do the tours of the local ruins of Chan Chan and Trujillo. The ruins were ok I guess but I was just worn out of doing “tours” every single day and I think the lack of sleep from overnight buses was starting to stack up and make things worse. I was sick of doing the tourist activities but at the same time, when would I ever be in Northern Peru again to do and see these things? I don’t know what I have against tours but I am normally unhappy on them. I just don’t like the act of following a big group of clueless foreigners around. Too many times they remind me of growing up and having to do the tour on a bad family vacation to some lame place like Amish country. I like like climbing volcanoes, mountains, swimming in the ocean, walking around a city and discovering things or drinking with the locals all night. That is how I learn about the culture and the world. I have to admit though that a lot of times I do end up enjoying the tour in the end.

2009.11.10 – Bus from Trujillo to Chiclayo, Chiclayo to Mancora, Peru

This was a pretty good day. We hopped a bus to Chiclayo and went our separate ways for the day which was much needed. I think that is the best thing you can do when traveling tensions are high. I just need time by myself, I always have. I took a bus out to the beach and had some beers and ceviche before heading back to town. Chiclayo was great, full of energy, people everywhere on the streets, vendors selling everything, reggaeton, salsa and latin music blaring out of every corner.

2009.11.11 – Mancora, Peru

Writing this I can already begin to feel how fast memories and feelings fade. I am looking at the pictures of this day and it’s already starting to feel distant.

We arrived in Mancora from Chiclayo at the customary bus arrival time of 6:00 AM, just when the town is asleep, deserted, dark and only the shady characters are lingering around. It was another night of not eating well and sleeping on a bus and my mind is in no way ready to think clearly but being in Northern Peru at 6:00 AM without a place to stay, you have no choice. We got our shit together and hopped in one of these bike cabs which took us to Loki Mancora which was an awesome hostel. It felt somewhat like a resort with a pool and our own room. We checked in and crashed out for a couple hours. When I got up, I hit the beach.

Mancora was a great beach and finally some warmer water compared to most of the South American Pacific. I rented a surf board and tried but failed as usual couldn’t do much. The day went on and the sun set.